The New Sense is a new ebook

I hereby announce the soft launch of The New Sense, my contemporary fiction novel in the form of a blog by a young woman named Sara who is trying to find (and discover the mysterious true identity of) the father of her unborn child.

Right now, The New Sense is available on Amazon in Kindle format, but of course you can download the free Kindle software for iPad, iPhone and PC if you don’t have a Kindle.

Click here or on the cover below to read a free sample on Amazon.

But shhhh… it’s a soft launch.

The New Sense cover_72dpi

3 thoughts on “The New Sense is a new ebook

  1. Hello, John! I just finished “The New Sense”, which I downloaded during a free promotion a couple of months ago. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised, having taken a chance on an author I had not heard of before. Yet the blurb on Kindle had intrigued me and the story was as good as it sounded. I will write a review for you on Kindle as I am a fellow author and know the value of such things! I also wanted to write a review on Goodreads but could not find it listed. Perhaps you would like to list the book there so I can give it a good rating? I particularly liked your insight into “the tyranny of sight” as I am legally blind and strongly favour a more broad-sensed society. Interesting thoughts on death in the Appendix, too.


    • Hi Leeane!

      Thanks so much for your positive comments. It had never really occurred to me (being subject to the “tyranny of sight”!) that a legally blind person might take something special away from my book, but I’m delighted that you did. I’m not sure why you couldn’t find it on Goodreads, but the link is here:

      It seems like you truly understood what I was getting at in the underlying themes of The New Sense. Very encouraging!! In fact, so encouraging that I’ve gone exclamation mark crazy!!!



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