Targeting the right readers

I’m currently running a final 3-day Amazon KDP Select free promotion for The New Sense before setting the ebook loose on Apple, Nook, and Kobo. This is my last chance to gain “internet airplay” before making the book full price for the foreseeable future, and on day two the targeting seems to be working! This is a distinctly female-oriented book. Hold on, there’s already a shorter phrase that encapsulates that concept: Chick Lit. Whatever you call it, The New Sense is currently sitting at number 3 in Amazon Kindle’s Free Women’s Literary Fiction chart:

Amazon Women's Literary Fiction screenshot 30-10-13 10am

This is cool, but what’s also great is that the book is ranked number 2 on Amazon Kindle’s Free Mystery, Thriller & Suspense chart:

Amazon Mystery Thriller Suspense screenshot 30-10-13 10am

I shall now continue tweeting and facebooking. It seems to work.

Vacation over, work begun…

Things have been quiet on this blog recently. A little too quiet.

That’s because I was away on vacation in a land where the internet is almost non-existent. And while I was there I made a ton of notes for the second and third books that follow Silent Symmetry in the Embodied trilogy. “What kind of notes?” I hear you ask. (Yes, I sometimes listen to the voices in my head!) Well, a lot of backstory. Character progressions. Some plot. And a new race of beings that I hadn’t anticipated creating but who may turn out to be more fascinating than the Embodied themselves.

I already outlined my new writing strategy in a recent post. Now that I’m back at my desk, I’m undertaking the planning process for Book 2, Starley’s Rust and Book 3 (whose name won’t be revealed until after the publication of Book 2). That means that I’ll be spending a bit less time writing this blog. Fun though it is to connect with friends and readers, I need to get the work done. It’s going to be a long process and it may be another year before Starley’s Rust sees the digital light of day. There may be some teases and excerpts along the way. That’s the advantage of having the skeleton of both books mapped out ahead of the actual writing – I can rely on the fact that the parts I’ve already written are 99.9% sure to end up in the final version.

In the meantime, here’s a photo as a clue to where I went on vacation. Is it symmetrical? Good question…

Jasmine flower

Can a flower with five petals be symmetrical?

Photo credit: John B. Dutton