I’ve been a bad blogger

Dear world,

While you have been impatiently waiting for a new blog post from Yours Truly, I’ve been busy writing, rewriting, proofing an edit of my novel and spending time with my kids. Oh, and now I’m in Spain. By the time you read this I may be in Morocco. No, I’m not a fugitive from blogging, I’m on my first real vacation in a year. I also just missed a bus to the coast because Seville has two bus stations and no one told me. So with time to kill in Plaza de San Sebastian, what else to do but write a post?

While on vacation I’ve been doing some thinking about part two of my YA novel trilogy while part one, Silent Symmetry, is in the hands of a couple of trusted test readers. Although I have already laid out the overall plot in broad strokes, part two is specifically inspired by a dream I had a few weeks ago when I woke up one Montreal morning with a strange phrase in my head. I won’t reveal what it was right now, but at the time I couldn’t stop thinking about it and before I knew it I’d created a new major character and an interesting storyline for my Act II. 

Who knows what other inspiration I’ll get while in Morocco and Spain? That’s a rhetorical question, unless the only person who reads this is my Muse. Do Muses exist? Maybe in your dreams…