Awesome review!

Authors never read reviews of their books. No way, Jose. Not in a million years. But if ever they totally by accident stumble upon one, they sure hope  the review looks like this one, that appeared today on the Silver Dagger Scriptorium website.

Silver Dagger


Broken Pencil reviews Starley’s Rust

Reviews are always nice. Nice reviews are even nicer! Check out what Toronto indie culture and zine mag Broken Pencil had to say about Starley’s Rust besides this:

Dutton is in his element crafting together a sci-fi adventure with a good blend of sincerity and humour that, without such a fine balance, can be the downfall of any YA fiction.

Starley’s Rust on NetGalley

My wonderful publicist Kendell and her lovely boss Sandy have extended the NetGalley presence of Starley’s Rust so if you’re a reviewer, go get it!

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Starley’s Rust is out and here’s the first review!

Starley’s Rust, book 2 of the Embodied trilogy, is in online stores today and has received a glowing review from author Nikki Bennett:

Starley's Rust first review screenshot

To mark the launch, book 1 of the trilogy, Silent Symmetry, is now priced under a dollar/pound for the ebook edition.