Blurb reveal!

Although the words “blurb reveal” sound kinda icky, like discovering goo oozing out of a mystery bag in the fridge, please don’t stop reading. Because this is the exciting moment when a drum roll happens in your mind (I just triggered it through the power of suggestion, didn’t I?) and I present the promotional text for my contemporary fiction novel The New Sense. So, without further ado (this having been a rare case of “goo ooze ado”) here is the aforementioned blurb:

The New Sense cover_72dpi

Summer, 2002. Single, carefree Montreal waitress Sara meets an intriguing out-of-towner whom she calls B― in her quirky private journal. They hang out. They get close. He’s like no one she’s ever met. In fact… there’s something very strange about him, almost as though he’s psychic. She probes deeper. He finally opens up to her: he’s a genetic oddity with an extra sense acquired through a twist of evolutionary fate. Although initially skeptical, she soon falls in love with him and starts to believe his story.

Shortly after Sara unexpectedly becomes pregnant, B― reveals that a former friend is pressuring him to undergo genetic testing at a pseudo-governmental research lab outside Chicago. B― is tempted to go there. What if there are others like him? Could their unborn child have the same “new sense”?

Suddenly, B― disappears without a trace. Sara puts her journal online as a blog in the desperate hope that someone, somewhere can help her find him. As her pregnancy progresses and the days turn into weeks, she is forced to ask herself if anything she knows about him is really true, and whether their son will ever know his father. Realizing that the lab’s shady operatives are now following her every move, Sara begins to fear for her own safety. The suspense mounts as she wonders: is it me they’re after… or my baby?

Part journal, part blog, part email chain, The New Sense is an unusually structured page-turner with a unique mystery told from the perspective of an engaging female character.

I also have a shorter version of the blurb for various purposes, but this one certainly captures the content and spirit of the book. It was much, much harder to write than the blurb for Silent Symmetry because The New Sense really is quite an unusual book. If I had said that it’s an epistolary epistemological novel, I’m pretty sure that no one would ever read it, no matter that it’s an accurate description. I’ve also written a one-liner (sometimes called a strapline or logline) that goes like this:

What if the man you love isn’t who he says he is? Or worse… he really is.

The New Sense is only available on Amazon as a Kindle ebook for now, but don’t forget, if you want to read it on some other device, the Kindle software is free and works very well on a phone or tablet (I test all my books on various devices).

Phew! I’m glad that’s done. Now to write the rest of the lyrics to my upcoming international club hit Goo Ooze Ado. Say it out loud a couple of times and you’ll start moving to the beat, guaranteed.

Thanks to Alex and Jen for invaluable input on my blurb. I mean valuable input. I mean, I didn’t pay them but it was worth it. For me.