The Door

Book three of the Embodied trilogy is coming along nicely and, just like last year around this time, that means I’m not able to post as frequently on social media. So here’s a quick excerpt from the opening chapter of book two, Starley’s Rust, to tide you over.

Kari doorknob quote

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How the mind creates when you’re doing other things

As I’ve mentioned somewhere on this blog before, the name of my last book came to me in a dream. This quick read in this week’s Guardian explores the creative differences between writers who pre-plan their books (such as Michelle Paver) and those who wing it (such as John Boyne). It turns out that no matter which method you choose, your mind is working away in the background like a helpful little pixie. Or maybe like a beaver. Or a colony of termites. Anyway, the bottom line is, when you create, you aren’t really aware of everything that’s going on in your brain. And I like that.

Your brain on termites.

Your brain on termites.

Photo credit: Gnilenkov Aleksey / Foter / CC BY