My first author reading now on YouTube

After trying on several different tee-shirts, different camera angles, and moving the plant around, I finally shot a video of myself reading an excerpt from chapter two of Starley’s Rust that I’m happy with. But really, what is happy? Ask Pharrell…

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Making fur history

Okay, so I almost never talk about my corporate work on this blog. That’s because it’s boring and usually confidential. But today I’m proud to share the news about a great anti-fur campaign here in Canada that I worked on a tiny bit. It’s called #MakeFurHistory, and if you love animals, you’ll probably want to share this video:

There’s really no good reason to wear real fur. Apart from ego. Or you’re an Inuit hunter. Fake fur looks and feels great. So do the right thing and #MakeFurHistory.

The New Sense – free on Amazon!

My psychological mystery The New Sense is a free Kindle download today. Montrealers who read it will recognize a host of places (and maybe even some people).

The New Sense cover_72dpi

I have to get back to promoting the promotion now but if you want to know more, either click on the cover to read an excerpt on or watch this interview I did last year: LINK TO ME TALKING IN FRONT OF MY BOOKCASE.

If you’re looking for the Canadian Amazon link, click here.

For the UK Amazon link, click here.

And, what the heck, if you’re in Japan, click here.

Blogging about talking on video about writing a novel

The video interview about The New Sense is now on YouTube and the BBC. Oh wait, just YouTube:

Watch it for some insights into the ideas behind my upcoming novel, what inspired it, whether (or not) it reflects my personal life and what makes me laugh out loud. (Hint: it’s sex-related.)

Thanks to my publisher Chris Trudeau of Second Generation Press for doing such a great job!