What’s the difference?

I’m working for a commercial client this morning and wanted to find out the difference between “freight” and “cargo”. It’s been a long while that I’ve operated under the principle of “never assume you know” for things like this, so instead of doing what all good writers should do and use a dictionary (even an online one) I started googling “What’s the difference between freight and cargo?” But before I’d reached the end of my sentence, Google proposed the most popular similar searches in a drop-down list, as it is wont to do. And that’s when I stopped typing because I saw this:


Now, I understand that there could be some confusion between a baby and a medium-sized squash or a very large zucchini. Maybe even an enormous yam. But an onion?

Well, as it turns out, there are actually some significant similarities between a baby and an onion, almost all of them fuel for very dark jokes, as I found out when I went back and googled what the rest of humanity wants to know (what – freight and cargo aren’t interesting enough for you, people!?) about differences.

Needing to get back to work, I managed to display almost superhuman levels of self-discipline and didn’t click on a single one of the links and wrote this blog post instead. Ahhh… procrastination takes so many forms! And just like babies and onions, it can also involve tears.

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