Pubslush and Colborne join forces

This news is about three weeks old, but it’s worth reposting Porter Anderson’s article on the merger between literary crowdfunding website Pubslush with Canadian publishing services company Colborne Communications.

I myself had looked into setting up a project on Pubslush around a year ago as part of my research into whether I should go the crowdfunding route for Starley’s Rust or other books in the future. For the moment, I’m unconvinced that crowdfunding is a worthwhile option for me, given that it requires a significant time investment with no guarantee of success. That’s already the case with self-publishing, so I feel like crowdfunding would significantly detract from the amount of time I’m spending on actual writing. And although finding a readership is lovely (and gaining income from fiction a bonus!) the writing itself is what I’m here for. Creating, crafting and honing stories… that’s guaranteed achievement.

I’d love to hear the thoughts of other authors on crowdfunding. Have you tried it? If so, did it work for you?


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