Proof it exists!

There’s a reason you can see me wearing a thick sweater in this photo. It’s because here in Montreal it’s -23C (that’s MINUS 9 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT!!) with the wind chill this morning. But am I cold? No, and it’s not because of the sweater. It’s because my heart has been warmed by the arrival of the paperback proof of my new novel. It’s basically like Christmas came early. And I can tell you, not only does Starley’s Rust look good, it feels good too!

SR proof in hand 20141202_094200

The first thing I did was take a photo of it. Does this count as a selfie? Have I become an Instagram junkie? Do I care? Heck, no! In fact, I then raised the stakes by taking a double selfie. For the first time, ladies and gentlemen (and young adults), here are the first two books in the Embodied trilogy, side by side. As you all know, I’m a big fan of ebooks. But the one thing they lack is being able to weigh them in your hand, then feel the glossy cover and the smooth white pages inside. And if it gets much colder, I can also use them to start a fire. (Current societal practices dictate that I insert “LOL” here.)

SS and SR_20141202_094527

Now I’m back sitting at my desk – which of course isn’t work – and I’m basking in the glow from Starley’s Rust. It’s a lovely day…






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