The Embodied on Instagram and Pinterest

Yesterday was a lovely, sunny day here in Montreal, and I walked down to the neighbourhood known as the Monkland Village with my kids to have a coffee and pick up some groceries. That was the outline of my story. But the story I told my kids was: “LET’S GO AND HAVE CUPCAKES! (And then I’ll go in the store.)” This story was a big hit, and two store-made cupcakes were subsequently demolished and consumed. I just wanted a nice cappuccino to sip while the cake destruction was taking place. However, at the counter I was tempted to eat something sweet. Not an entire cupcake, but something… And that’s when I saw an entire tray of these:

The Embodied trilogy, embodied as a chocolate!

The Embodied trilogy, embodied as a chocolate!

For any of you who have read book one of my Embodied trilogy of young adult novels, you’ll know that pyramids play a significant part. Guess what? In the soon-to-be-released book 2, they acquire an even deeper significance. So I had to buy one and eat it. It was good (thank you, Cho’cola!). Everyone was happy.

So what does all this have to do with Instagram, I hear you ask, as your mind wanders towards the candy jar? I had already made a decision to give the Embodied trilogy a presence on Instagram and Pinterest, and when the server handed me the stylish plate with a single chocolate pyramid on it, I knew exactly what image I would be posting first.

Here’s the link to the Instagram version. Pinterest coming soon!

It’s fun to expand beyond words sometimes. Maybe one day the Embodied trilogy will be a graphic novel. Or a cupcake. Now to find a pyramid-shaped baking tray… Oh, and learn how to bake.


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