Conversing (sort of) with other human beings

I like chatting to people. Friends, strangers, mascots… But being stuck at my desk most of the week either writing or writing about writing isn’t conducive to the aforementioned chatting. I’m therefore thinking of striking up a conversation with my blog followers. How? In a completely unnatural, stilted way, that’s how!

Here’s the plan: people will ask questions in the comments section of this post and (if there are enough questions) I will then video myself answering them, one after another in a chatty, engaging way in front of my laptop camera, possibly wearing a burgundy long-sleeve tee, as in this screenshot:

Young adult novelist JB Dutton, smiling

Me, JBD.

I’ll upload the resulting video to YouTube and post it right here too. So… ask away! Anything you like about the writing process, my books, my shirt, life in general. Anything. After all, I get to pick which ones I answer.



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