Indie Book of the Day! Today! Right now! (Please ignore this headline if you aren’t reading it today)

You know, you send out these submissions like messages in bottles, and once in a while one of them not only arrives on a distant shore but is opened by someone who likes what they read in the message, possibly because they have drunk the half-litre of scotch that was in the bottle too. Whatever the reason, today Silent Symmetry is the Indie Book of the Day on the appropriately named Indie Book of the Day website. Here’s the link: BIG LINK.


Now the IBD badge isn’t just a laurel wreath wrapped around what looks like a trampoline. No, it’s also a seal of approval from one of the gatekeepers for self-publishing that I was mentioning in my other post today. Sites like IBD don’t give away their awards easily. I submitted Silent Symmetry to IBD months ago. Someone who reads a lot of books took the time to read it, compared it to other books and decided that the site’s membership should be told about it. Okay, so it’s not a Pulitzer or a Booker Prize, but this is how independent publishing works: a myriad of little ants beavering away (clearly schizophrenia exists in the animal world) to construct an edifice of mud and spit in the shadow of the publishing industry brontosaurus.

Now to apply for the award for Bad Use of Metaphors using Animals that are Chronologically and Historically Exclusionary award, or the BUMACHE Prize, as it is known in blogging circles…


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