Two-day freebie = readership acquired!

As I mentioned in a previous post, using Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) free days is like getting major radio airplay. Of course books aren’t the same as songs, so all you can achieve as an author is to get your unputdownable book in a reader’s hands rather than inundate their ears with your catchy single. And that’s what happened over the last two days. Unlike my previous freebie promo for Silent Symmetry, this time I put some actual marketing effort into it, with requests for features on free ebook blogs, ads on Goodreads and a social media blitz. The work paid off handsomely and Silent Symmetry was downloaded almost 3,000 times.

One of the most gratifying outcomes of all this was that I learned that the book appeals to readers across a wide range of genres. I hadn’t expected this, and whatever algorithms that Amazon uses to tag its books (besides the tags I applied myself) seems to have been highly effective.

Amazon screenshot 10-4-13 9pm

Silent Symmetry’s Amazon page screenshot 10-4-13 9pm

Of course I’d love to have sold 3,000 copies, but no one buys an album by an unknown artist solely based on the cover; they have to hear the music first. Same thing with books, and now I have to have faith that Silent Symmetry is good enough that a portion of those 3,000 readers will tell their friends about the book, or mention it on Facebook, or tweet it, or sing in the shower about it (which would be great if it was a communal shower like at a gym).


Go on – sing in it!

One puzzling result of the giveaway was that there haven’t been as many downloads in the UK as I would have expected. Maybe it’s because Silent Symmetry is set in the US? I’m pretty sure Brits like free stuff, so this is my only theory, unless I missed some critical UK blogs during my feature request marathon.

I need to lay off promoting the ebook for a while because I have to go through the edit of my contemporary novel The New Sense and because I have another Silent Symmetry project that I’ll be blogging about in a day or two…

Photo credit: / CC BY-SA


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