Number 311,860 with a bullet!

My Young Adult novel Silent Symmetry was ranked over 1,000,000th in the Amazon Kindle store just a few days ago, and now it’s ranked 311,860. I’ll take climbing over 700,000 places in a week as a sign of success. If I can replicate this jump next week, I’ll be almost half a million places above the second-ranked Kindle book. Maybe that’s not how mathematics works, but it’s a nice thought.

If Silent Symmetry was a vehicle, it would look exactly like this.

Thanks to everyone who has bought a copy so far. And when you’ve finished reading it please, please, please spend 5 minutes writing an honest review on Amazon if you can. Silent Symmetry is also listed on Goodreads and since yesterday on Shelfari, so by all means cut-and-paste your review onto those sites too.

Enjoy the weekend!


Photo credit: Tinkerbots / / CC BY-NC


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