Nom de plume poll

As the publishing date nears for my Young Adult novel Silent Symmetry it’s occurred to me that my name might be wrong. I mean, if E.L. James and J.K. Rowling have sold millions using two initials, why shouldn’t I follow suit? Then again, Dan Brown has had the same publishing success using pretty much the most boring name ever, so does it really matter?

There’s a wider question in my case. If I’m publishing regular adult material (like my novel The New Sense, currently rescheduled for late-spring release) should I stick to the same name for all my work or actively distinguish my writing aimed at teens from that aimed at adults by using two different noms de plume?

I’m on the fence. The best way to get off the fence is to have your friends push you off, so I’ve created a little poll here where readers can vote for the option they would like to see grace the cover of Silent Symmetry. Or even suggest a pseudonym (within reason)…

May the best name win! And thank you for your help.


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