Going with the flow

I am not a spontaneous person. There, I’ve said it. But before I said it, I thought about saying it for a while, which only proves my point. I like to plan things, to know what’s going to happen, and while I wouldn’t label myself a control freak, I do like to be in charge of my own fate.

This isn’t a bad character trait for a professional writer. Ordering your thoughts, knowing who your audience is and delivering a message that they will understand demands a methodical mindset. I like to plan my stories or screenplays in advance. Maybe not the entire thing, but I’m never faced with blank-page syndrome because at the very minimum there’s always at least one new scene that I have mapped out prior to sitting down at my desk.

There are always exceptions though. Like the dream I mentioned in a previous post that inspired me to create an entire new character for my YA trilogy and centre a novel around him. Or like researching a location on Google Earth, then finding a bunch of interesting features in the vicinity that I hadn’t intended to incorporate in that section of my book.

But no matter how creative I am, I know very well that in real life I like it when things run smoothly. So when I found out last week that my epublisher was closing its doors, only a month before publication of my novel The New Sense, I was suddenly outside my comfort zone. This was enforced spontaneity. And you know what? I think it might be doing me some good! I’ve already run a few tests using Google’s epub coding tool Sigil and am now far more confident about being able to achieve the relatively complex formatting that The New Sense requires (although clearly defining fonts for an ebook is as pie-in-the-sky as page numbering).

Sigil is Google’s free epub coding tool

Now that it looks like I’ll be able to code The New Sense myself, the other big decision I have to make is whether to distribute via Smashwords or through each ebook store separately. And that will probably be the subject of another post.

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