Please judge my book by its cover!

My publisher Second Generation Press has just released the cover of my upcoming eBook novel The New Sense. Take a look by clicking here (then click on the photo to see the uncropped version). It’s amazing how well designer Alex Nereuta managed to capture the essence of the book in a single, striking image. It makes me want to buy a copy!

Alex took hundreds of photographs of a mannequin head after covering it with torn documents from The New Sense. She experimented with lighting, different visual treatments (some versions changed the image to a negative) and camera angles. What’s interesting about an eBook cover is that it has to work as a thumbnail. Alex’s initial favourite mockup looked fantastic but publisher Chris Trudeau and I both felt like one of the other versions was punchier and would therefore be more effective on a website like Amazon or the Apple Store. If the book was coming out in print, maybe we would have gone with Alex’s suggestion.

It was a great process and I was privileged to be a part of it. The New Sense is right on track to becoming an eBook. Now for the Inkle version… and that’s a whole other kettle of fish.


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