I made 78¢!

My fiendish plan to publish a pseudonymous eBook short story as a technical test for my upcoming collection and YA novel has been successful beyond my wildest dreams! Someone actually bought it for 99¢! And I made 78¢ of that! I’m rich!! Mwahahahahah!!!

Beyond the incredible wealth I have accumulated, I’m glad I did the test, because it showed: a) I can code an eBook correctly using Smashwords, b) there are subtle differences between how the final product looks on a Kindle and iPad, and c) an interesting cover and blurb really incite curiosity (and in this case obviously led to someone reading the 30% free sample and buying the whole story).

Speaking of covers, I had a meeting this week with my publisher Chris Trudeau and cover designer Alex Nereuta, who presented us various mock-ups. Alex came up with a fantastic concept that manages to perfectly encapsulate the story and theme of The New Sense while adding a feeling of mystery and drama, plus two eggs sunny side up. Okay, not the eggs. Not only is it going to be a great cover, it inspired ideas (and a lively creative discussion) for a promo video. Any Adobe After Effects students out there who would like a chance to work on a cool project for peanuts? Or, if you are such a person and have a peanut allergy, the chance to work on a cool project for a pint of Guinness or maybe even two?


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