No need to be coy

I had a couple of great working sessions this Thursday and Friday with my publisher, Chris Trudeau at Second Generation Press. And now I no longer need to be coy about what we were working on, because he’s put a first post online about my forthcoming novel The New Sense.

We’ve been restructuring The New Sense for the Inkle adaptive text version. It’s quite the mind-bender, figuring out how to give readers choices, yet steer them through the story so that they don’t miss anything important. Luckily, Chris has a bent mind. Can I say that about my publisher? Anyway, it’s all coming together. The ebook should be out in the fall, and the other current excitement involves the cover, which geniesse (that’s a female genius, right? Or is it a female genie? Either way, she’s good…) designer Alex Nereuta is creating but refuses to show me any sneak previews.

Despite being a Photoshop hack (and with some feedback from the aforementioned Alex), I also managed to design a cover for my pseudonymous short story ebook test yesterday afternoon. I bought a photo on Shutterstock for about $10 and voila, a cheap, yet serviceable cover. I won’t be doing this for my more serious epublishing efforts, but it does the trick just fine for this test. I’ll be creating the ebook with Smashwords during the next few days but won’t link to it from here. Busy week…


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