The eBook Deluge

Anyone who has ever searched on Amazon (not searched for a specific book, just clicked around until they wonder how on earth they got where they’ve gotten to) knows that there are a lot of ebooks out there. However until I found out just now that there is not only a monster sex ebook series called Cum For Bigfoot, but at minimum eight of them, I had no idea how far the rabbit hole went. Then again, who hasn’t been on a “flirty, fun filled trip (that) soon turns into a nightmare, when an ape-like creature kidnaps a group of young women with the purpose of procreating with them.”? In fact, that was precisely why I quit the cub scouts at age 9. Because ape-like creatures sometimes don’t know the difference between young women and men, as anyone who’s ever been incarcerated in Turkey could probably testify. Happy trails!

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