eBook publisher

I had a great meeting on Saturday afternoon with my publisher and illustrator/cover designer. And… that’s about all I can say because my publishing contract stipulates that I can’t talk about it. Maybe I’ll sneakily drop a few hints and reveal a few details over the next few months, but here’s my situation: I’m nearing the end of the first draft of Silent Symmetry, my YA (young adult) novel that I will be self-publishing as an eBook using Smashwords. In parallel,  a different, already completed novel of mine is being prepared for publication this fall as an eBook by a Montreal publishing house (the one I met on Saturday). The latter novel will also be released next year as an interactive app through the talented guys at Inkle in Cambridge, England, so that makes me feel a lot cooler than I am in reality.

But there are several hurdles to cross on the road to epublishing success. One of them is the very real possibility of sinking without a trace in the ever-growing tidal wave of eBooks. So that’s where marketing comes in. Fortunately, I work in marketing. Unfortunately, that probably means nothing. All I can do is research what has worked for other writers through sites like Kindleboards, then strategize and execute what I think is the best plan for my eBook.

Part of my plan is to release a collection of short stories in between finishing my first draft of Silent Symmetry and performing the rewrite. This will serve as a technical test of the epublishing process as well as an exploration of timing (when and how to use social media to promote the eBook) and pricing variation. Drinking scotch will then serve as a non-technical test of the intuitive side of the process.

Where I live, it’s a public holiday today. Right now, it’s a sunny, breezy 20 centigrade, so I’m going out for a run. Sometimes the writing can wait…


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