A single step…

They say a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Well, actually Confucius said it, but although he was a totally bad-ass ancient sage, his knowledge of trademark and copyright law was sketchy at best, so he often doesn’t get the credit he deserves when people quote his quote.

But had parachuting existed back then, Confucius might have had to say something different, because a journey can also start by jumping out of a plane. The funny thing about writing is that it’s like both kinds of journey. The kind where you know you’re in for a long trudge through the wilderness and the only way you’re going to make it is by taking one boring footstep after another, and the kind where you have to set aside all your fears and take a giant leap into the unknown yelling “Geronimo!” or some other more politically correct exclamation.

So, like I said, the funny thing about writing is that the only way you’ll accomplish anything is by combining the insane leap and the plodding footstep.

Here I go.


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